Whether you need a technical expert for your software project or a technical lead for your remote or local team, I am here to support you.
I've done this multiple times for agile spartups as well as for giant software corporations like SAP or Siemens. My area of expertise is Software Design and Development including the design of modern backend systems (NodeJS) and client applications (Web, Android) in consumer, multimedia and automotive areas. I have experience in many more technologies and areas but prefer to concentrate on those mentioned above. Just because I love them.
You have a software product which is been written by an external team or agency and you want to determine its quality?
You are at the right place once again. I will analyse your product for its conceptual integrity, extensibility, security, reliability, performance, mantainability, functionanal correctness and testability, and prepare a list of improvement measures. I can also consult your team about the improvements to be done.
You do not only need a proper Software Design, but also a proper Implementation for your Android project?
I do not offer myself for development very often. I prefer innovative projects or projects fitting into my profile: multimedia or automotive. If you believe your project is one of those, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to share my expertise and skills with you: Clean Architecture, Custom UI Widgets, Android Media Framework (including DRM), MVP, RxJava, Dagger2, Retrofit2, ExoPlayer2 and more.